Thoughts for the Month


What is prayer? There are so many prayer books that one can buy and it is very tempting to read a prayer that has been written by someone else, but is that really talking to God? Are there set words that we should use?  

Jesus gave us the core of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and we can always use that, but at other times, is there a set way that we should talk to God? After all, He knows our thoughts even before we have clarified them in our own minds, so do we always need to verbalise what we want to say? Is it possible to be praying when we just sit quietly without thinking of specific things to say?

If we believe that praying is talking to God, surely there must be times when we need to be quiet to hear God’s voice talking to us.

In the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 21 we read, ‘And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.’

There will have been times when we have said, ‘We asked, but we did not receive.’ Perhaps we did not ask for the right thing. We will always get an answer to our prayer; it just might not be the answer that we wanted, or thought we wanted.

There will have been times when looking back, we realise that the answer to our prayer was the right one, we just did not realise it at the time.

So, Prayer is half of communication with God; the other half is being open to listen to His voice speaking to us.

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