Thoughts for the Month


I don’t know about you, but for me this is an interesting month. It’s a colourful, busy month.  Well into autumn, it is a time when Nature sets about getting its house in order ready for winter.                                                          

Unfortunately, it is also a month when my husband gets more fractious because he considers it a ‘messy month!’ Well, you see, the leaves are changing colour and are beginning to fall from the trees, so to him, they make a mess!

True, if they get wet they can be treacherous under foot but there is something so special in piles of Autumn leaves that children kick all over the place; (he is not happy when they do that!) and hedgehogs hide under them for a warm bed through the winter.

It is the month when Nature goes into overdrive to make sure that there is enough food to survive the winter, that trees do not waste energy on leaves that they no longer need, and that creatures have a safe, dry place to hibernate or at least to hide away from the wind, rain or snow that winter will inevitably bring you will be protected and take your rest in safety.’  (Job Ch. 11 v.18)

Perennial plants die back conserving their energy for next year’s new growth and yes, I suppose, everything does look less manicured, but isn’t it lovely!

I have often wondered if perhaps I should have been a creature that hibernates for the winter; but no, I like the dark evenings after we’ve set our clocks back an hour (an extra hour in bed too!) I like shutting the front door against the cold and wet, closing the curtains, sitting in a cosy chair watching television or reading a good book.                 

The one thing I miss, since we moved, is an open fire. Central heating is great but the flicker of flames and the hissing and crackle of logs is something special.

 So, really, October epitomises autumn, doesn’t it? It is also the month when I realise how exceedingly fortunate I am to have a warm, secure home.

The lazy days of summer and early autumn are definitely over and it is time to batten down the hatches. But, what of those who do not have anywhere to live; who are at risk not only from the elements but also from a way of life that can be dangerous.                                                                  

What should our attitude ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’    (Matthew Ch. 22 v.39)                                              

Not always easy, is it?  

 As we think of the creatures in Nature gathering food and preparing for a safe place to spend winter, may we think of those people who do not have a roof over their heads and who wonder when, and where, they will find their next meal. May we, in however small a way, offer them a helping hand.

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