Thoughts for the Month


‘Every morning tell him, “Thank you for your kindness,” and every evening rejoice in his faithfulness.’   (Psalm 92 v. 2)

I wonder how often we look at the Psalms. There are wonderful verses, lines and phrases in them that can so often be an encouragement, a support, a comfort or a guidance to us. Do we, each morning, start our day by thanking our Lord for bringing us safely through another night and for all his care and kindness to us?

How often do we function in our busy lives as we should? How often do we follow the route that we choose, rather than putting everything into the hands of our Lord?

‘we should trust not in ourselves,’    (2 Corinthians Ch. 1 v.9)

‘trust in the living God.’ (1 Timothy Ch. 4 v. 10)

On any occasion that we are faced with a dilemma of: should I do this or should I do that? Why is it that we forget to offer the problem to the Lord? I know that I am guilty of this. I forget that any choice or decision that I have to make would be better resolved if I offered it first to the Lord for his guidance.

When things go wrong or we are in the depths of despair, what do we do? We cry out to the Lord to help us. So often this despair could have been avoided if we had laid it all before Him in the beginning.

November can be a ‘dark’ month with nothing much to break its lack of colour. We spend more time indoors and many folk start to experience S.A.D. through lack of light and sunlight. We cannot do much about the increasing darkness of longer nights and less daylight but we can change our attitude.

It is not the beginning of a new year, but we can make a new resolution to involve the Lord in all we do. We can vow to present all decisions before Him and then to be quiet to listen for the answer.

For if we trust in the Lord we will get an answer. It might not be in the form we expect or want, but an answer will be there and if we trust that the answer is right and follow it, so often the result is quite unexpected and far better than we could have imagined, but we must trust in His faithfulness.

May we start each day thanking the Lord and at night rejoice in His faithfulness.


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