Church Reports

St Clement Church, Truro.

The church would like to thank Rev. Robin Grigg and Reader Liz who led the first two services of the month whilst Rev Diane was on holiday.

A large wall picture , which has temporarily replaced a damaged monument, has just been installed by our trio of workmen. This truly inspirational painting by Karen, our resident artist, is based on St Francis of Assisi and it has already attracted a great deal of admiration as it appears to light up the church interior.

The central heating renovation is now almost complete with the exterior boiler  freeing up more  available space inside the church. The installation appears to have been skilfully carried out with great care taken not to make the finished affect too intrusive in the lovely old building.

The Harvest Festival at which Rev Diane presided was well attended and the proceeds and cash donations were sent to the Food Bank. The church interior was glorious with all of the colourful floral tributes  and harvest contributions, but special mention must be made of the lovely Sheaf of Bread which was presented by the Launder family in memory of their father.

The Eucharist  on the 22nd of the month, at which Rev Diane presided, assisted by Reader Liz, was very well attended and it was heart warming to see so many children enjoying the service and the play area.

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