For those who visit St Clement Church regularly, you will be aware that for a number of years the church has been in a sorry state.

The exterior of the roof was fighting a losing battle with the elements; the interior of the roof was missing large chunks and what was there, regularly shed pieces onto people’s heads.                                                                             The heating system was not fit for purpose and there was an ‘inaccurate’ feeling of an ‘uncared for’ building.

We tried so hard to look after and care for this ‘little gem,’ but, Grade 1 listed buildings are very expensive to restore and maintain. What could we do?

WE HAD A DREAM……………………………….

A new roof, a new heating system, a new church path and handrail, a church lavatory, a church kitchen, removal of the pews (back to how it was originally,) restoration of the floors, restoration of the memorials………. Well, if you are going to dream!

For years we have been fund-raising but we could not do it on our own.

The Diocese said that it would not agree to us doing anything until the roof was done – big, big money!

BUT, you have to have FAITH………………

Where / who could we approach to help us with funding?  We could not do it on our own.

Surely others would agree with us that St Clement Church was worth restoring and making it once more the centre of community life.

They did!

These organisations not only agreed with us, they generously donated enough money, with the amount we had raised ourselves, to enable Stage 1 of our dream – a new roof and heating system – to be fulfilled.

We are extremely grateful to the following organisations for their support and generosity.





So, the outside of the building was at last watertight; the inside was looking loved and cared for, but, the outside access to the church, the path, was still treacherous, particularly when wet.

To make our little church easily accessible we needed an even, non-slip path. In the past there have been a number of accidents, and near-miss ones too, due to the chunky gravel on the sloping path.

After much, careful research, costings and fund raising, we now have a non-slip path which is comfortable to walk on, to push a wheelchair along and it makes the church accessible for disabled people.

BUT – that really was only Stage 1 of our dream.

There is still much more that needs to be done to ensure that ‘this little treasure’ not only continues to be at the heart of this community, but is also ‘fit for purpose’ for the 21st century and beyond.

Now, we are planning Stage 2 – PLEASE help us to raise the funds needed to continue our dream.


Restoration Fundraising

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