Corona Virus poetry


I am standing at my window in the cold clear light of dawn,

in the silence of the morning where normal life has gone.


There is so much to ponder, new grief and pain each day,

how can I help I wonder, my only comfort is to pray.


We cannot have our family near they drop goods at our door

then stand in the garden, blow kisses wave and disappear.


They find it hard to come home and not to be let in,

its many years the nest has flown, they still have keys? this is their home.


Many tears have thus been shed our fears and worries multiplied,

the waking hours of nights abed, the problems still not rectified.


Its the first time in retirement I have had no work to do

no court, no church, no coffee time, the days are long my chores are few.


I have never had a glass half full, I have always been upbeat

I need to give my socks a pull and not accept defeat!


We have our own home secure and warm, we have our family too,

we have our faith, our church, our friends, this means so much to us.


We must look forward, life goes on, these dark days are not real,

it is a sign that we have sinned, and we must now appeal.


There is a future waiting there, a better way of life,

we will be kind and care for those whose path is without light


Dear LORD help us to live again in freedom without pain,

and may we follow in your path

and see the SUNSHINE through the rain.



Our love to you all, Daphne and Dave. xx

Page last updated: Friday 22nd May 2020 12:37 PM
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