Corona Virus poetry

This is the story of another kind of ‘Lockdown.’


The thoughts of a trauma doctor who lost his sight within thirty-six hours.


I thought my life was over.  Without sight, even the simplest tasks were ridiculously complicated.

I’d been such an active person.  But now I was registered blind.

Sliding into depression and hearing pity in the voices of those who had done their best to be kind.

I had no real concept of time; whether it was day or night. 

I wanted to silence that negative voice, if only for a minute or two.  I just wanted to rest.

I know plenty of visually impaired people who live very active lives.  But I would never be able to go out alone again.

When I lost my sight, I lost a lot of old friends too.  They just didn’t know what to say to me.  Conversations with new people could be difficult.

At first, they called in to see me and then their visits became less frequent, until they stopped altogether.  It was very lonely.

Finally, my life turned.  Was it really possible to train a dog so well that I could trust it with my life?

Kika is an extraordinary guide dog who has changed my world for ever.  She is always by my side, regardless of where we are.


No matter how low we get, there is always hope.


Love to all, 

Angela  xx

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