Corona Virus poetry

Life in Lock down - What the kids Faith Kemp aged 12


Lock down, it's something new,

It is completely different to me and you.

What we think may well be,

Very different to what we see.


To us kids, lock down is wild.

Yet I suppose everything is in the eyes of a child.

Online school absorbs most of my time,

But mum says it keeps me out of trouble, so it's fine.


I long to go and see my friends outside,

But I know have to stay inside,

But at least I have my books, I guess,

I prefer The Hobbit, that's the best.


The clap for NHS is fun to do.

Especially when we involve our husky, Blue! 

We clap and he 'sings'

Which gets a reaction of many things.


If you are in lock down with a child,

All I say is; Well Done, this’ll be over in a while.

Soon you can send us back to school,

And finally, you can say 'Phew!'

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