Corona Virus poetry



This Covid 19 is no joke with bound’ries oh so tight.

We’ve been in lockdown for four weeks and things are far from right.

Martin’s the one in full lockdown a state he’s found so hard.

No singing lessons and no choirs and going out is barred.


So, I’ve joined him by staying home to give him my support.

I’d no idea it’d be so hard. Our home’s become a fort.

The routine of our daily lives has changed beyond compare.

No choir practice, no meal out it’s far too much to bear.


At least the first three weeks were fine so meals were held outdoors,

within our blossoming garden, with a spirit that soars.

Then came a day of grey and rain. Indoors we had to stay.

‘Twas then that tension reared its head ‘twas not a goodly day.


But then the sun returned to play the tensions eased

and we again could now find space, and so each on our own, be free.

The forecast for this week is rain. Yes, seven days inside

with nowhere to spend time alone nowhere to go and hide.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we are fighting all the time.

It’s just that things are at their best when given our own rhyme.

We’ve learnt that each of us needs time and space to be alone

to do the things we each enjoy far from the other’s moan!


How is it, when one’s feeling low and life is tough and sad

that someone dear just seems to know and life seems not so bad.

Today, a parcel came for me ‘twas from my daughter dear;

a book that made me want to cry yet was so full of cheer.


So, if like us you are constrained to stay within the bounds

of your house and garden space reach out to what I’ve found.

This Covid 19’s shown us how we need to spend our lives

with time together and apart the perfect, sharing lives.


(If you are going through a rocky patch, as I was –

‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy is just what you need.)

Liz D.

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